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       If you are considering an acquisition we will undertake the due diligence focusing on all the assumptions that are required for
       you to have peace of mind. We will validate and analyse the financial, commercial, historic, operational  and strategic data to
       ensure that 'no black holes' exist.

       If you are considering an acquisition/disposal of a business or of an asset, we will undertake a valuation to show precisely what
       the asset is worth and with clarity, speed and insight. We can assist you in seeking a seller/buyer and hold your hand
       throughout the sale process and we will deliver the deal that you are comfortable with.


             • Acquisition Due Diligence                             • Financing/Loan Transactions

             • Asset Management                                      • Post Deal Negotiations

             • Commercial & Market Due Diligence                     • Real Estate Transactions

             • Deal Execution - Letter of Intent to Sale & Purchase negotiations  • Sale of Business Valuation/Exit Readiness

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