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           RETAIL SECTOR                                            HEALTH SECTOR

          The Retail sector continues to drive the Dubai            The Health sector in Dubai is under-going radical
          economy accounting for nearly 30% of Dubai's GDP.         reform starting with the rollout of universal health
          Retail sales is currently estimated at around $40bn       cover in 2014. One of the key focus areas for the
          and is projected to reach over $55bn within 7 years.      sector is to position Dubai as a medical tourist
          Further, a survey of 334 international retailers found    destination. From the latest data available,
          that 55.3% of these retailers are in Dubai placing it     approximately $2.9bn was spent on healthcare in
          second behind London. With new shopping malls             Dubai. As Dubai's population is projected to increase
          beingeing planned, and in particular the announcement     overver the next 10 years, the health sector is scaling
          of a 48m sq. ft Mall of the World, the sector is set for   up to meet the current and future demand.
          continued growth well beyond 2020.

       Our consultants have been at the sharp end of the Retail and Healthcare sectors for many years. As former CEO's and
       CFO's in these sectors, they are uniquely placed to offer their insight and expertise. Whether you are looking at a
       franchise brand or partner for your retail business or wanting to acquire a business in the healthcare sector or looking
       at operational strategies, you can rely on the considerable experience of our Partners.

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