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        Value Added tax ('VAT') is to be introduced in GCC region from 1 January 2018. It is imperative for all companies to
        understand that VAT will have impact on the way you do business. VAT will impact your business such as product pricing,
        supply chain, cash flows, IT and many others.
         Stirling Star has experienced taxation team including experts from Big 4 with exposure to different tax regimes in UK,
        Ireland, other European countries and Indian Sub Continent. We are capable to advise and assist businesses in the region
        to cope with VAT impact and assist them with VAT readiness.


               • Business Impact Assessment                              • Training sessions to create awareness of VAT

               • Restructuring of transactions, supply chain and         • Brining Accounting and Bookkeeping in Line with VAT
                  other processes                                           regulations

               • Registration of Business under VAT                      • Preparation and Submission of VAT Returns

               • VAT enabled ERP implementations                         • Ensure accounting & reporting as per VAT Laws

               • Periodic financial reports of the business to            • Outsourcing of accounting Department/ VAT Returns
                  the management

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